The Secret is the Sand- Yes, the GreenEarth process cleans with pure liquid silicone ( patented from General Electric ). In essence liquefied sand. The same safe, natural sand the Earth has been creating for over 6 Billion years. In contract, most Dry Cleaners use Perc or Hydrocarbon, which are both toxic, petroleum based solvents. PERC and HYDROCARBONS cause problems for people who have Asthma or are Odor sensitive people. That is why we spent a considerable amount of money to eliminate these solvents from our operation. We had to get new machines, new solvents, new cleaning agents, new spotting agents, new filter system and much more. It’s all worth it to create a breath of fresh air in Dry Cleaning. We use NO hazardous chemicals of any sort- NONE ! So there is nothing to dirty the air, contaminate the soil, pollute the water or leave a smell on your clothes.

Nose Friendly

GreenEarth solution is so safe you could rub it on your skin. In fact, you probably already do. That’s because GreenEarth solution is pure liquid silicone, the same base ingredient found in everyday shampoos, conditioners, skin lotions and antiperspirants.  Allergies or sensitive skin? No worries. GreenEarth is non-allergenic and non-irritating.

Best of all, GreenEarth leaves fabrics silky smooth, with no static. Wools aren’t itchy. Sweaters feel soft. Fabrics drape nicely again. Clothes just feel good.

Store Friendly

People who work in or live near dry cleaning stores often worry about the dangers of exposure to perc (short for perchloroethylene, the petrochemical used by most cleaners), with good reason. According to the EPA, over-exposure to perc can lead to headaches, dizziness, skin and eye irritation and other health effects, including an increased risk of cancer. Seniors, young children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable.

People who work in or live near a GreenEarth dry cleaning store have absolutely nothing to worry about. GreenEarth is safe to work with, safe to dispose of and safe to breathe. Employees especially love working in an odorless store!

GreenEarth has the tests to prove it!

Over $30 million dollars of voluntary testing and research has been done to confirm that GreenEarth’s solution is safe for the planet, for dry cleaning, and for people. Want to know more? Our information page has lots of data about our air and waste stream sampling, fabric care studies and health and safety testing. You won’t find other dry cleaning methods openly and honestly sharing information like this.

You might also like to know that the silicone used in the GreenEarth dry cleaning process has been safely used for more than 40 years in a wide variety of other consumer applications from cookware to cosmetics to personal care products. Decades of scientific research support its safety in all of its many uses.

For more information please visit the GreenEarth Website