Dear Pamper High Tech Cleaners,

Congratulations on your Chrysalis Award nomination, it is a great honor for you and your business to be recognized for your environmental contributions to our community! Thank you for your commitment to be the only GreenEarth Dry Cleaning facility in Lee County !

Eco Innovation:  Each nominee who has made a significant contribution to:  the preservation or development of our cultural assets, encompassing the arts and our heritage; and/ or associated festivals and events.


Pooling resources for the good of the community and destination is vital in this ever-changing economic climate. The Chrysalis Awards signify the development of a partnership between the business and tourism communities – a partnership with the common goal of enhancing our community.

The Chrysalis Awards are a celebration of the value of teamwork involved in maintaining and enhancing tourism as a major economic engine for Lee County. By partnering, we will work together to help the business community enhance its knowledge and understanding of the tourism industry, and help tourism partners better understand the needs and role of business partners and how we can all assist each other

chrys a lis [krisuh-lis]
The final stage of development before a butterfly emerges.
This metamorphosis is when growth and differentiation occur.

We are excited once again with the positive response for the Celebration of Business & Tourism Awards and Tradeshow!  We look forward to seeing you on May 19th to share in the celebration!  If you have not registered for the event,

Thank you!


Christine Davlin

Christine Davlin
Tourism Education & Training Manager
Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau